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EYPINS Alarm Brake Disc Bike Lock Cycle PadLock with 1.2m 10mm Thick Motorcycle Motorbike Chain Lock

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Part Number:EPSAM652DEL 

[EXCELLENT DOUBLE ANTI-THEFT] EYPINS 10mm motorbike chain lock works together with the dual-mode disc brake lock, which can greatly improve the anti-theft effect and reduce the risk of your beloved motorbike being stolen. The bright yellow-green reminder cable provides a decent visual deterrent for those potential thieves, and the 110dB alarm is loud enough for anyone to notice! All of these can give you peace of mind leaving your bike or motorcycle outside in a populated city.

[STRONG CHAIN LOCK] EYPINS chain lock is made of high-quality steel, and the surface is coated with yellow zinc. The thickness of the chain can reach 10mm/0.42inc, the hexagonal design can effectively improve the difficulty of damage. Strengthen its ability to resist hydraulic shearing, drilling, hammering and sawing. Length can reach 1.2M/4FT, you can use it to lock most items. Covered with a nylon protective cover, which prevents the chain lock from scratching your beloved vehicle.

[DUAL-PURPOSE ALARM MODE] EYPINS motorbike disc brake lock uses a new design and can be locked in two modes: silent and alarm. When lock cylinder is pressed halfway in silent mode.  When vibration or movement is detected, it will emit three warnings. When triggered again, it will continue to emit a sharp alarm of 110db, enough to make anyone notice.

[STRONG SEALING & EASY BATTERY REPLACEMENT] Lock cover and lock body form a closed space, which can be waterproof and dustproof and can cope with any weather. (Note: The alarm may be sounded by mistake when it is raining and windy. Recommended to switch to silent mode.). When you hear continuous "ge ge ge..." sounds or the alarming sound is suddenly stopped without lasting 10 seconds. Please use wrench we provided to unscrew at the bottom, take away the cover and replace the battery.

[VARIOUS ACCESSORIES & WIDE APPLICABILITY]Three chain lock keys, two disc brake lock keys can deal with the loss of keys; a portable storage bag can hold the disc brake lock when not in use; extra battery and hexagonal wrench can allows you to replace the dead battery; the accompanying manual can better help you use the product. They are widely used in parking lots at work, and during motorcycle riding trips, or motel travels. Parked outside the home is not afraid of potential losses.