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EYPINS RJ45 Crimp Tool Repair Set,Wire Crimper Cutter,Repair Network Kit Ethernet Cat5 Crimping Tool with Wire Connector Stripper for RJ11/RJ12/Cat5e

  • Product description

Part Number: EPSTL636L

PROFESSIONAL RJ45 CRIMP TOOL The crimping tool set can crimp, strip and cut cable for 6 and 8 position modular plugs/connectors (RJ45, RJ11, RJ12) and Cat5, Cat5e . NOTE: Not suitable for CAT6.

BETTER CUTTING TECHNOLOGY The multiple crimping stations apply just the right amount of pressure to flat or round cords and wires. The ratcheting design with quick release lever gives you the precision of a professional crimp, without damaging individual conductors.

ERGONOMIC The rj45 crimping tool is a fast and reliable crimping tool. Its main structure is composed of high-carbon steel, which makes the crimping tool stronger and more durable. Its handle design is ergonomic to provide a more comfortable grip.

RELIABILITY & STABILITY This is a reliable network repair tool, easy to use and reasonably priced, and is the best way and choice to meet immediate cutting needs. This user friendly device works with any ethernet or telephone cable.

PACKAGE CONTENTS Package includes a ratcheting RJ-45 crimp tool, 30 pcs RJ45-Cat5 modular data plugs, 30 pcs covers,100 pcs 6 inch nylon cable tie and network wire stripper.

The fast and reliable crimping tool with steel body construction for durability with ergonomic comfort handles.
Precision crimping pliers were made from carbon steel for any ethernet or telephone cable made Professional tool crimps, strips and cuts cables for modular 6 and 8 position connectors (RJ45, RJ11 / RJ12). NOTE: Not suitable for CAT6.
The ratchet safety release and a blade guard on the cutting and stripping knife reduce the risk of injury.
Self-locking nylon cable ties, backstop design, curved tip design, non-slip peripheral design, a larger number of locking teeth for greater tensile strength and reliability. 

EyPiNS crimp tool contains a ratchet RJ-45 crimping tool, 30PCS RJ45 Cat5 modular data plugs, 30PCS covers, 100 pieces of 6-inch nylon cable ties, and a network wire stripper.

The crimping tool offers a reliable, easy-to-use and affordable solution to immediate cutting needs.
This easy-to-use device works with any ethernet or telephone cable.
Compact design with easy-to-use handles. Built-in cutter and stripper.

Ratcheting Modular Crimper

It has a ratchet mechanism that keeps the tool closed when not in use.
The crimping tool for ratchets has the Perfect Cut technology. The multiple crimping stations apply just the right amount of pressure to flat or round cables and wires. The ratchet design with quick release lever gives you the precision of professional crimping without damaging individual conductors.

Package Content:

1 x crimping tool
1 x network wire stripper (yellow)
30 x network crystal heads
30 x network crystal head protective sleeves (blue)
100 x 6 inch nylon cable ties

Note:If the handle of the network cable pliers is stuck, please press firmly to the end, the ratchet can be ejected. Please be careful not to use too much force when stripping, avoid cutting the wires in the network cable.